How To Sense And Feel A Crystal Energy – OH!CRYSTAL

How To Sense And Feel A Crystal Energy

Some people never see OR feel energy but they KNOW something is different, OR they can hear, smell, see or taste a difference.

Keep this in mind when you work with crystals:

  • See the energy (Clairvoyance): Close your eyes, can you see anything differently? I have seen colors when working with crystals and people. This is often how my guides work with me because I am a visual person.
  • Hear the energy (Clairaudience): Yeah some people can hear energy! Sometimes their ears buzz when working with crystals.
  • Smell the energy (Clairalience): A good example I have of this is what Geraldine taught me and that is “Have you ever stepped into a room and the energy just smelt funny? That is energy you’re smelling.
  • Taste the energy (Clairgustance): Sometimes you can taste a difference too. Now, this is not something that has ever happened to me so I cannot speak from experience. Perhaps you work with a certain crystal, like Citrine and taste candy that you loved – that could very well be tasting energy.
  • Feel the energy (Clairsentience): when it comes to feeling the energy, it’s important to take note of your WHOLE body. You can feel the energy all over and within your whole body. It’s a huge canvas!
  • Have an inner knowing (Claircognizance ): As I mentioned above, some people never see or feel energy, but they have an inner knowing about crystal energy. They will just know what it can be used for or how that energy feels, if it’s fiery, uplifting or happy, etc.


If you want to work out what your strongest sense is, I would recommend meditating with a cleared/cleansed crystal and observe what you see, hear, taste, feel, know and smell. Do this for about 5 minutes and JUST observe. Afterward, write down your findings for about two weeks. Longer is better, but you should begin to notice a pattern after 2 weeks. That is a good starting point.